80+ Effective Email Templates To Use

April 09, 2021

 80+ Effective Email Templates To Use

Are your emails working hard enough for you? 

Email marketing is a key part of the sales funnel— and some companies generate millions in business through this channel alone.

On this list, you'll find a collection of email templates that include subject lines, body copy, and tags from companies like PinterestSlackDocuSign, & Trello.

Here are some of the purposes behind each template:

✅ Welcome/invitation to join the platform
✅ Product feedback requests
✅ Lead nurturing/checking in
✅ Apologizing for mistakes, website downtime, etc.
✅ New features/products
✅ Account updates
✅ Privacy policy
✅ Subscription updates/trials ending

Quick note:
These templates are rock solid and have been tested at scale. Why fix something if it's not broken? Draw inspiration from this collection.


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