How VCs Characterize SaaS Founders as Amateurs

April 09, 2021

How VCs Characterize SaaS Founders as Amateurs 

Knowing how to impress VC investors can completely transform your company.

Even though I’ve founded 5 SaaS companies, I’ve only raised VC funding for two of them, and I've seen this from different perspectives:

The last thing SaaS founders want is to look like amateurs in front of potential investors.

These are the behaviors you would never want to do when pitching to a VC firm:

❌Showing up late
❌Not being aware of the competitive landscape
❌Bringing non-key employees into the pitch meeting
❌Changing your company’s valuation based on VC impressions
❌Not researching the VC you are presenting to
❌Asking for funding for a ‘sales process’
❌Not knowing your core metrics
❌Being too arrogant

These are the insights of Jason Lemkin, the managing director of a $90 million venture capital firm.