YC's 3-Sentence Investor Pitch Formula You Can Follow

April 09, 2021

YC's 3-Sentence Investor Pitch Formula You Can Follow

These are the three things investors will scan your email for πŸ‘‡

If you don't catch their attention within seconds, they may move on.

Early-stage investors receive 100+ emails per day.

To optimize results, tailor your copy to what THEY want to see, not to what YOU want to say.


Sentence 1: What do you do?
Keep it simple and avoid jargon.

Sentence 2: Why should I care?
Investors don't look for ideas but great investments
Lead with your best foot forward: sales, market opportunity, team, etc. β€” no need for personal stories.

Sentence 3: What do you want?
Be upfront about your ask.

Great example by Y Combinator:

"Hey Michael,

My name is Tim and I’m building Twitch for cooking. I previously ran programming at the Food Network and my technical co-founder is a college friend. We’re working on our mvp and were wondering whether we should build out private messaging in addition to group chat or just group chat alone.


Your main goal with the first email is to pique their interest and get them to ask more questions.