Personal trainer or fitness center owner? Your business was affected by COVID-19, don't worry, there has never been a huge opportunity for the fitness industry like this before. 


With millions of people stuck at home without being able to go to the gym and with no much to do and most importantly gained weight, it is estimated that in the United States people can gain up to 15 pounds in this period. 


Do not wait any longer here and now is your opportunity and who better to help you than a professional, with experience in both in the digital world and also in the fitness industry. Hire us and start chasing your dreams now !


Our offer includes:


  • 1- Custom Web design and features.
  • 2- 10 Plugins/Extensions
  • 3- Landing and multiple pages configuration.
  • 4- Nutrition Products Shop.
  • 5- T-shirts & merch shop
  • 6- Required features
  • 7- Social Media integration.
  • 8- Class Schedule integration.
  • 9- Online web trial guest passes integration system.
  • 10-Payment gateway integration.
  • 11-Mobile-friendly design.
  • 12-Security and Performance



  • Contact form and Mailing list integration.
  • Body mass index (BMI) calculator
  • Fitness classes schedules
  • Workout routines.
  • Fitness Blog
  • WordPress Installation.
  • Google map direction.
  • Workout routines.

    700$‌   ‌‌9̶2̶3̶$‌ ‌(223$‌ ‌OFF)‌ 




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